Our Support for Licensee

We’ll get you started on the right track. You will receive assistance in opening your brand new centre, and getting your very first students.

We will help you with:

  • A territory analysis to help you find the perfect location
  • A list of schools and contacts in your territory
  • An initial supply of our copyrighted curriculum
  • An initial supply of our MRT series educational robot kits
  • An initial supply of marketing materials
  • A visit from our support staff to get you started

Others supports while working with My-Robot:

Training: We provide complete training for each applicant. This includes training in marketing, operations, accounting and technology to get you started. You will be receiving:

  • 3 days of comprehensive classroom and on-the-job training at our corporate training facility
  • Exclusive use of our proprietary Operations Manual
  • Sales and marketing training

On-going Support: We provide a marketing package for your territory as well as strategic assistance with your on-going marketing efforts. As part of these support efforts, you will be receiving:

  • Monthly and annual meetings with the My-Robot team
  • Telephone consultation with our support team
  • Meeting, teleconferences and workshops with the latest industry trends to keep you ahead of the market

Activities & Competitions: We are a partner of the International Youth Robot Association (IYRC). My-Robot is the only partner appointed to organise the International Youth Robot Competition for the national and international levels annually. As part of My-Robot’s licensing program, licensees are allowed to participate in the competition, giving them exposure to the local and international community.

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