IYRC Malaysia 2017

International Youth Robot Competition ( IYRC ) Malaysia 2017
ends in a great success!

IYRC·MalaysiaIYRC Malaysia 2017 has successfully come to an end, with the total of 1500 participants including 754 future builders from 20 different countries gathered at Genting International Convention Centre to share and contribute fascinating technology ideas through competition. Believe that the contestants had gained lots of knowledge and experience, also build a close relationship between countries.

1. Registration


2. VIP Check-in

►The arrival of YB Senator Datuk Chong Sin Woon, Deputy Minister of Education Malaysia.



3. VIP Group Photo

►Right before entering the hall for opening ceremony.

4.Opening Ceremony

The competition officiate at 3rd of August, speech was given by IYRA president Han Kyu-Jung, IYRA vice president and My-Robot Sdn. Bhd. CEO Philip Tan, IYRA co-president Harry Roh and Deputy Minister of Education Malaysia YB Senator Datuk Chong Sin Woon and followed by robot dancing performance. After the opening ceremony, all the VIP were invited to observe the competition circumstances and experience the glory of the contestants.

►An opening ceremony gimmick perfectly done by our LINE Core M Humanoid robots.


►YB Senator Datuk Chong Sin Woon as the Deputy Minister of Education Malaysia.

►Mr.Philip Tan as the IYRC 2017 organizing committee chairman.

Prof. Dr. Han Kyu- Jung as the IYRA president.

►Mr. Harry Roh as the IYRA co-president.


5. Contestant Vow

►Mahesh, the representative from Malaysia.

►Siyan, the representative from China.

6. VIP visiting game field

►Wow! VIP testing out the R-Sport Soccer game.

7. IYRA Meeting

While the competition was on-going, an annual IYRA meeting was conducted. In the meeting, IYRA members revised the problem faced on the last IYRC and proposed the venue for the next IYRC. All the members hope that IYRC can get even better for the following years and allow more country to join together and provide more opportunity for robot lover to learn more from competition. 

►Introducing. The IYRA members from each country!!

8. New product launch

The second day of the competition, IYRA hosted a new product conference, MRT New Product: Coconut, Duino, Coding-Board,LINE Core M Humanoid- MRT Block demonstration. AR story book from New Kicky demonstration and LINE Core M Humanoid –MRT Block were the highlight for the conference.

9. LIVE in competition



Road Challenge

Coding Mission



Creative Design

LINE Core M Humanoid 

LINE Core M Humanoid is the new competition category in IYRC which is a very eye-catching event. The intense fight for boxing and hockey collaboration had pushed the atmosphere of the arena to the climax. The humanoid used different number of servo, using the mainboard as the core, combination of 3D printed accessories and MRT blocks to transform a more creative model that richen the programming teaching.



LINE Core M Servo combine with MRT Block



LINE Core M Servo combine with 3D Printed Object


10. Prize Giving Ceremony

In the closing ceremony, representatives from each country were there to witness the moment of honour, H.E. DATO' Dr. Anwar Al Agha, the ambassador of the State of Palestine, to Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Philippines and Maldives had arrived to experience the grand closing ceremony. Soaring cheers had proven the hard work behind each success, restless day and night characterized the faithful smile of the winners.


►H.E. DATO' Dr. Anwar Al Agha


11. Culture Performance 


12.Future Technology Experience

Outside from the arena, there were also latest technology experience booth for the public, “Doll Catcher Machine”,”Underwater World”and “AR experience”had thumbs up from the people.

►"Doll-catcher Machine", combination of LINE Core M Servo and 3D Printed Object.

►Latest product - MRT X testing ground.


►"AR experience" was available in IYRC! Children really love it!

We really appreciate everyone that took part in this major event of ours. Once again, congratulation to the winners! Hoping to see you all again in the next IYRC! 

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